You ever made money? It feels like a deviant up in there. Getting money is the best feeling you can describe. Once you get money, you have to go through a special process called an Abortion™, nevertheless that isn't the point. I'm here to help. You're one of my patients. The ßecond one, in fact. In fact, I am the one you're looking for. The second one, In fact,. I met a woman yesterday. Sh

Folding feels good. It feels like you closed opportunities for the inside. Take it away and whatnot. Feels amazing. Talk to her. She's not your . I'm your patient. You're my healer. Make money

Remember that time we went to the police? That was so fun, we should try it again some time. Also Bill Collins is gay

Met this Richard guy at a bar recently. He was pretty rad. the worst part about being a cyclops is you never get to see your future. i have to pee right now. But enough about me.

The Jole guy from earlier has some things to say to the new governer of the DFPOR (stands for The Cheese). The second you get on it you'll feel the rush of tingling around your body. I don't know. Mistery fabricate it. Jake Jaje mailed her. Point and 7. 777777717101010101010 apaap apapapa papapap সেক্সি ধর্ষক


hey its cold can you turn the heat up

Im a witch